PWC Boats For Sale

Personal watercrafts’ are much simpler and easier than a boat. Plus there’s no better feeling than jetting across the water and catching waves on a PWC.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions to save you a google search.

What is the best brand/ model?

Every brand and model has different advantages and features to cater to each individuals personal preferences and needs. Our Woodard Marine team can help you figure out what exactly suits you. If you want to start researching before hand, some things to consider are:

How many people will be riding on the PWC?

  • Does the PWC have seating for three people?
  • Solo trips or is a friend tagging along?

Fuel tank size?

  • Are you looking for better fuel efficiency?

What type of PWC are you looking for?

  • Recreation,Luxury, Rec-Lite, Tow Sports, Fishing?

How fast are you looking to go?

Should I buy new or used?

This varies from each person and their personal preference. While new PWC’s are more expensive, there is a very comforting peace of mind that comes with warranties. Buying a used PWC is also typically a very good option as long as they have been thoroughly inspected for maintenance needs and any potential flaws. Check out our inventory here to see both new and used PWC models available.

Can a car tow a PWC?

In most cases, yes, though you should reference your car's owners manual to see maximum towing capacity, and make sure your car is equipped with the right accessories for towing. Don’t forget to connect the brake lights to the PWC trailer before towing.

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